When most people think about retirement, they think about all the leisure time they will have to enjoy. But the important question is “Will I have enough money accumulated to live comfortably?”

With the stock market changing every day,, many people are searching for something safe, with strong guarantees, to help build and keep that nest egg. Flexible Premium Annuities can offer important benefits as a part of your overall plan to achieve your financial goals.

Whether your retirement is just around the corner or 30 years down the road, Flexible Premium Annuity can offer you tax-deferred earnings, a high degree of safety, and protection against the risk of outliving your financial resources.

You can be comfortable knowing that your money is working to provide solid growth. There are no sales loads or maintenance fees, so 100% of your money works for you.

You can make the most of your retirement and take control of your hard-earned money. And when the time is right for you, your annuity can pay you a lump sum, an income for a specified period, or even a monthly income that you will never outlive.

Do you need to plan for your retirement but don’t have a lot of extra cash? Flexible Premium Annuities are designed to help you build savings for retirement or other long-term objectives. Annuities are a great way for anyone who wants to set aside smaller amounts on a regular basis to accumulate retirement savings. With premiums as low as $50.00 monthly, you can have a guaranteed income for the rest of your life after retirement. Whether you are trying to fund your retirement, keep your retirement account secure and growing, or just want to build toward an income that you cannot outlive, an annuity gives you an investment alternative that allows your money to work hard for you.

Competitive Interest Rate Guarantees
Your initial interest rate is guaranteed for one year. At the end of each policy year, the interest rate credited will be determined by current economic conditions. The minimum guaranteed interest rate is 2%.

Issue Ages
0 – 80, age last birthday

Minimum Initial Premium
A $600 minimum deposit is required over the first 12 months. After the first year, you can make premium payments to your annuity whenever you want, in the amount that suits you, allowing you to build your account at your pace.

Tax Deferred Compounding
Under current tax laws, you pay no income taxes on interest earnings until you withdraw them from your annuity. That means you earn interest on your deposit, interest on your interest, and interest on money you would otherwise have paid in taxes. Tax deferral puts you in charge because you decide when you take income and pay taxes. If you don’t need the income to live on, you can leave the interest you have earned in the annuity without reporting or paying taxes on it until you withdraw it. Because your annuity is tax deferred, money grows faster than it would in a similar taxable investment.

Choice for Building Your Retirement
Annuities may be used as a regular retirement annuity, a Roth IRA, or as a part of one of the many tax-advantaged retirement plans available today, such as a Traditional IRA or SIMPLE Plan.

Liberal Withdrawal Provisions
The FPA 5 is designed as a long-term policy. However, you always have access to your money should you need it. You can withdraw up to 10% of your annuity value each year, even the first year, without paying a surrender charge. Withdrawals prior to age 59 1/2, though, may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty for early withdrawal.

To view additional information go to : Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.