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Liability Limits
Recent changes in Wisconsin State Law have created the opportunity for large awards resulting from lawsuits involving wrongful death and/or serious injuries. We recommend liability limits of 250/500 for any homeowner and an umbrella policy for those with assets they’d like to protect. The additional cost for these coverages versus the old 100/300 standard is usually about $15 every 6 months (for each vehicle) and worth every penny.

Young Drivers
Drivers ages 16-25 benefit from special safe driver and good student discounts. Our agents have special materials available to help explain insurance to new drivers. Our Agency is also proud to offer all of our families “Teenage Safe Driving Contracts” free, upon request. Lastly, we can write your teenage driver on a separate policy, in his/her own name (if there is an additional vehicle), and still extend all home and multiple car discounts, so that the parent’s insurance record will always be protected from their child’s driving experience.
Here are some additional sites that may offer you more helpful information:

AutoHelp.Com – Offers prices on new cars, and locates any make, anywhere in the world, plus dealer locations.
Kelley Blue Book – Gives you the blue book value for new and used cars.
CarPoint.Com – Offers detailed pricing information, repair and maintenance cost estimates, plus ratings and reviews from other services.

Recreational Vehicles

We offer a wide variety of recreational vehicle coverage designed to offer you the best protection for your motorcycle, boat, personal watercraft, camper, trailer, snowmobile or ATV. Our motorcycle and boat rates are discounted to offer you year-round protection for one low price. Since we only insure recreational vehicles for our own customers, we are able to offer superior coverages at very reasonable rates. Liability, comprehensive and collision coverage are all included in these packages. Many discounts are available. Please call us at 262-783-6275 or email us for more information. Remember, families with multiple vehicles and/or additional recreational vehicles should consider adding a personal umbrella to their insurance protection.