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Drain Backups
Unfortunately our recent Floods caused many headaches and much expense for homeowners throughout Wisconsin. Most people became only too aware that Floods are not covered under your home policy. However, Flood Insurance is available through the Federal Government and we can help any customer who would like to find out more about this coverage. For many of our customers, the sewer backups were the most disgusting and frustrating part of their loss. We offer basic sewer and drain backup coverages, as well as the ability to increase this coverage with an endorsment. Renters beware: Sewer and Drain backup is not covered under a Renters policy. Please exercise caution when storing items in basements! Flood insurance is available for both renters and homeowners.

Replacement Cost
Our agency prefers to quote Replacement Cost on your home and contents. This coverage is critical and is not always explained or offered by all agents. Replacement coverage allows you to actually replace an item that was stolen or destroyed with a new, similar item. Example: Without Replacement coverage, your 5 year old Entertainment Center will be depreciated, and then you will be paid that cost minus your deductible. That’s not going to give you enough money to replace the item. Our claims personnel will determine what it would cost to replace that unit today, and you will receive that amount minus your deductible. The same principle applies to your home. If you are insured for $100,000 but it actually costs $110,000 to rebuild your home, you will be responsible for the additional $10,000- unless you have Replacement cost coverage. Check your policy and make sure you have Replacement Cost on your home and contents. It will always be clearly listed on your Declarations Page.
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